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Owned by Ayush Impex, a proprietorship firm supplying over 200 tonnes of bag handles to Jute Mills and cotton bag manufacturers since 2004, Earthlab was launched in 2020 in collaboration with The FireFly Branding with a view to make fashion more sustainable.

Earthlab is an exclusive line for eco-friendly products, determined to make fashion synonymous with environmental consciousness.

Tote Bag
About Our Leather
Life Etc. Tote Bag


Having partnered with the best manufacturing facilities of West Bengal and design houses in India, Earthlab is here to produce and make fashion affordable and eco-friendly.

With Earthlab products, you can move your trend quotient high and plastic footprint lower. Zero compromise on fashion!


Our collection has been very uniquely crafted and curated by The FireFly Branding, drawing inspiration from the elements of Mother Earth.

This can be evidenced in our choice of colors, designs, simplicity of our products overall and even more specifically our brand name "Earthlab".

Tote Bag
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